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Recent Publications

Jai Chuhan: Small Paintings solo exhibition features in The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting 3. Edited by Matthew Price and Anneka French, with text on Jai Chuhan by Kathryn Lloyd. Published by Anomie, due Autumn 2023.

Jai Chuhan: Small Paintings monograph, based on her Small Paintings solo exhibition, curated by Donald Ryan at Qrystal Partners, London May-June 2023. Texts by Donald Ryan and Hannah Marsh. Published by Hurtwood, due Autumn 2023. 

Jai Chuhan: Refuge. Edited by Adam Carr, Jai Chuhan, Emma Roberts. Contributing texts  including by: Rina Arya, Adam Carr, Jai Chuhan, Graeme Gilloch, Alnoor Mitha, Sharon Morris.  Published in 2022 by Gulab Publications

Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications.

'Painting is Home’ essay by J Chuhan in Asia Triennial Manchester. Who Do You Think You Are? An Exploration into the Boundaries of Asian Identities in Contemporary Culture edited by Alnoor Mitha and Dr. Emma Roberts. Published in 2019 by HOME Publications. Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications.


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